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Course Information

French 2020/2022


The course has been designed to give a profound understanding of French. Not only will you understand more about the mechanics of the language (grammar, vocalbulary), but also how people live and use language on a daily basis. All this will be taught by looking at newspapers, books, magazines, television, film and, of course textbooks. You will do some work in our well-equipped language laboratory and will also have one hour per week of intensive speaking work with the French assistant

Qualification Details

Exam Board: AQA
Qualification Title: French
Qualification Specification Code: 7652
Qualification Webpage: Click here to visit the AQA webpage for the specification.

Entry Requirements

Standard Sixth Form entry requirements

What will I study in this qualification?

The topics covered include current trends, issues in society, artistic culture in the French-speaking world, aspects of political life and literacy texts and films. The cultural works studied will be Le Tartuffle by Moliere Les 400 Coups by Francois Truffaut

Possible Career Paths

Languages can be studied as a standalone subject or as combined degree with a huge variety of subjects, including Business, Mathematics, Economics, Law and International Relations. It is possible to study one, two or three languages in a degree, and any language can be studied from scratch or continued from GCSE or A-Level standard. Language degrees prepares learners for careers related to the subject such as Translation, Interpretation and Teaching, but also are in demand for pathways such as law, International Relations or Banking

Who should I speak to if I need further information?

Mr Maurice

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