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Course Information

Drama & Theatre 2020/2022


The A Level in Drama and Theatre is a practical, engaging and creative course. It will provide learners with opportunities to interrogate drama and the work of others, to explore a range of drama as a practical art form, and to work independently to create their own drama performances making informed artistic choices. The main purpose of this qualification is to study drama and theatre in an academic setting, interrogating this art form and applying knowledge and understanding to the process of creating and developing drama and theatre and to their own performance work. This course provides a fantastic opportunity to ignite and engage creativity, passion and interests. It provides freedom to experiment and take risks with their work whilst working on developing their own style.

Qualification Details

Exam Board: OCR
Qualification Title: Drama & Theatre
Qualification Specification Code: H459
Qualification Webpage: Click here to visit the OCR webpage for the specification.

Entry Requirements

Standard Sixth Form entry requirements

What will I study in this qualification?

•Component 1 - Practitioners in Practice: Devising
•Component 2 - Exploring and Performing texts: Scripted
•Component 3 - Analysing Performance
•Component 4 - Deconstructing Texts for Performance

Possible Career Paths

Drama and Theatre performance and/or academic related degrees, Theatre Production, Drama Therapy, Drama Teaching in the private or public sectors, Events Management, Journalism, Media and Marketing. In addition to the Performing Arts sector specific content, this qualification provides learners with the opportunity to develop all-round performance skills and desirable transferable skills such as: self-confidence and self-presentation, personal discipline, time management and organisational skills, promoting independence, communication skills, performing, communicating and presenting ideas to different types of audiences by applying collaborative skills with a focus on self-management, teamwork and participation. All skills are highly regarded by Higher Education providers and employers.

Who should I speak to if I need further information?

Mrs Walker, Mrs Wills

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