Further Mathematics

Subject Mission Statement

We believe that everyone can succeed in mathematics and our aim is for all students to develop their confidence in maths and share in our passion for the subject. At the heart of mathematics is solving problems. We aim to foster students ability to think mathematically, develop their ability to reason and problem solve through a mastery approach leading to well rounded and aspirational citizens of the future.


This course will further develop knowledge and skills to help model and solve complex mathematical situations. Concepts from the Mathematics A Level will be developed in more detail with new and exciting areas of Mathematics introduced, such as matrices and complex numbers. The course content is half Pure Mathematics (two examinations), one- quarter Statistics (one examination) and one-quarter Mechanics (one examination). Alongside the rigorous, stimulating and challenging course we deliver, we offer students the opportunity to deepen their interest, understanding and skills beyond A Level. Enrichment trips are organised where students attend inspirational lectures and develop problem-solving skills, giving them an insight into Mathematics based university courses. When it comes to applying to do a Mathematics degree, it would seem that the main thing Mathematics departments at University are interested in is the Maths you have done, so the more you do the better! At Highcliffe we offer timetabled lessons throughout Year 12 and 13 that help prepare students for the STEP, MAT and other entry examination papers. These lessons also prepare students for any mathematical problem-solving questions that could come up during interview, alongside improving skills for their Further Mathematics and Mathematics examinations.

KS5 Intent Statement

The foundations of the Key Stage 5 curriculum
are to enable students to successfully transition from Key Stage 4 to the
challenge of A-Level and Further Mathematics. Students will continue to develop
resilience and independence enabling them to overcome challenges as they deepen
their mathematical knowledge.

The curriculum is sequenced in a way so that
student’s draw on prior knowledge. Links are consistently made between Pure and
Applied content to enable students to see the bigger picture to develop them to
be more cohesive mathematical thinkers. 

Students will be supported in developing their
ability to supplement the learning which takes place in lessons with private
study to consolidate their understanding. This will enable students to be
prepared in their future study/employment post sixth form.

Qualification Details

Exam Board: Edexcel
Qualification Title: Further Mathematics
Qualification Specification Code: 9372
Qualification Webpage: Click here to visit the Edexcel webpage for the specification.

Entry Requirements

Standard Sixth Form entry requirements plus minimum Mathematics GCSE grade 7 or above but preferably grade 8 or above.

What will I study in this qualification?

Possible Career Paths

Mathematics, Science and Technology based degrees, Engineering, Finance, Medical degrees and Computing. If you are intending on applying for a STEM degree, it can be beneficial to study Further Mathematics. Studying Further Mathematics is excellent preparation for University, especially if you wish to study any Mathematics-related subject such as Engineering, Science, Computing or Technology, as well as Mathematics itself. Many universities now encourage students to take Further Mathematics qualifications to improve their mathematical preparation for degree courses. Leading universities, including Cambridge, now specify Further Mathematics as an entry requirement for certain courses

Who should I speak to if I need further information?

Mrs J Kelly, Mr S Cooper

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